The Destruction Of The World

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Years ago a very insightful soul once pointed out the obvious to me, which we tend to look past many times in our day to day lives. She said, look around, the world really is a pretty good place but it’s just some people who tend to make it a very miserable one. I’d have to agree. If you look around and if you can find any unspoiled areas, things usually look okay still on old mother earth. But when I was young I remember being able to drink the water from the river that was near us in northern Michigan with no ill effects. I wouldn’t suggest it now thanks to the waste and pollution that has been disposed of in such a manner as to provide the most profits for the polluters. That’s due to an aspect of human nature that, when left unchecked, can run rampant and will most likely continue until it’s too late.

A potentially destructive form of human nature, this greed and the need to control can lead to behaviors by some that could bring about the complete downfall of society. Such as the influencing of governmental bodies by various means and by the creation and spreading of disinformation in order to enable the continuation of the practices. And then there’s the human nature of those being manipulated. This plays a major role in the perpetuation of these conditions. People normally tend to want to think that everything is going to continue as it has and they will close their minds to other ideas. This could be viewed as the ostrich with its head in the sand analogy. Its up to those enlightened few who choose to hold their heads up, like the readers of this blog, to see things clearly enough and be brave enough to take steps before things are beyond repair, if that time hasn’t passed already. Like those in Iran who are subjecting themselves to torture and death but continue protesting the corruption that is inside and outside of their borders. Do a search for Iran protests to learn more about this.

These are some of the brave people who, like the founding fathers of this country, have refused to accept a type of slavery that most people don’t even acknowledge or else totally deny. But with current conditions as they are, more and more are waking up to the manipulation and total corruption of the system they live under. And it’s the intent of those in charge to foster the dumbing down of humanity by any means possible in order to continue on. These underhanded methods being utilized allow them to recruit our friends and neighbors as unwitting allies. By understanding and taking actions that enable them to take advantage of human nature, they convince the average person that black is really white. Breaking out of the box is never an easy task and convincing others that they are being played like a fiddle can be as daunting a task as teaching a pig to sing. But considering the alternative, it is a task we must undertake.

Another very useful tool used extensively in the perpetuating of the paradigm is to label dissidents as crazy extremists and therefore nullifying their message. This works very well because the human nature of most of mankind creates an atmosphere where it sounds like it makes sense. But as everything begins to crumble, as in current developments, it does not continue to be quite as easy of a task for those that seek to influence by trickery. Usually things have to become very bad in order to jar some free from their comfort zones. Human nature once again. Many other methods are employed also and there is a need to be very aware in order to keep from being taken in. Case in point, those that seek to control would label the type of thinking you find here as paranoid in hopes that that would cast the enlightened in a bad light and that those that are unaware would buy into it lock, stock and barrel, thus propagating the continuation of the insidious journey down their sinister path. For, as you can clearly deduce, those in charge of things are experts in human behavior and they study it extensively in order to use it in the most effective manner to forward the advancement of their agenda. Another recent approach is for the controllers to popularize something to the effect that anyone attempting to unveil these truths are simply playing the victim role. See how the psychology of it all works? So, try not to be like the sheep they would like you to be. Then maybe we can avoid being herded off a cliff. But then again, these are just the musings of a crazy, paranoid, extremist. Or are they?  Visit Survival Stew: Prepare for Depression 2.0 to find out more.

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