10 Most Memorable Fiction Survivalists

From the anti-government conspiracy theorists to the gun happy eccentrics, survivalists are more popular in fiction than ever before. This article covers some of our favorite fiction survivalists and the moments that made them great.

“Daryl Dixon” – The Walking Dead

Daryl Dixon needs no introduction. He is the resident bad ass on AMC’s, The Walking Dead. In our opinion, Daryl is the best character of the show. His relentless rebellious attitude, his wilderness survival skills and his zombie killing abilities rank up their with the greats.
daryl dixon - the walking dead

Our Favorite Scene

Daryl has to deal with an unexpected surprise.

Most Notable Quirk

He’s kind of a bad ass.

“Dwight Shrute” – The Office

Meet Dwight Schrute; top salesman at fictional Dunder & Mifflin Paper Company, beet farmer and self proclaimed survivalist. Dwight is an avid outdoors men, hunter and trained in Goju ryu karate, a myriad of weapons and surveillance. He may believe in zombies, androids and vampires but he is always prepared to survive. Whether he is administering a shot of adrenaline, or imposing an unannounced fire drill, Dwight is the quintessential eccentric and incidental survivalist.

dwight schrute - camelbak

Our Favorite Scene

The unplanned fire drill.

Most Notable Quirk

He’s a little uptight.

“Burt Gummer” – Tremors

Burt Gummer and his wife Heather live in the small town of Perfection, Nevada. He’s ready for anything, even a subterranean monster crashing through his basement walls. Burt may be gun happy but he’s got plenty of ammo and supplies to get through whatever disaster may hit his small town.

Burt Gummer Tremors Wallpaper

Our Favorite Scene

When graboids bus through the basement wall.

Most Notable Quirk

Thinks every problem is solved by firepower.

“John Locke” – Lost

John Locke’s story begins with an impressive briefcase full of knives, a head full of useful knowledge and an impeccable ability to think on his feet when it counts. He cements his importance in the group of plane crash survivors and seems to thrive in a time when others struggle. Locke knows when and what to do to survive and isn’t afraid to let everyone else know it.

John Locke - Lost

Our Favorite Scene

Locke steps up to the plate.

Most Notable Quirk

He doesn’t like being told what to do.

“Robert Hawkins” – Jericho

Robert Hawkins, even the name sounds mysterious. Everything he does involves a bit of mystery, but Robert Hawkins is always ready. On the show, Hawkins plays a government agent with knowledge about the false flag nuclear attack on 23 major US cities. Some of his preparations include: EMP proof equipment, a hidden basement bunker, 50 gallon drums filled with guns and beans, bullets and band-aids to boot.

Robert Hawkins - Jericho

Our Favorite Scene

Hawkins retrieves his cached supplies from his storage room.

Most Notable Quirk

He has no patience for pleasantries.

“Charlie Frost” – 2012

Living in a motor home nestled deep in Yellowstone park, Charlie Frost runs an end of the world/conspiracy radio show. His personality is anything but normal. Charlie may love pickles a little but too much but he definitely understands the Mayan calendar.
Charlie Frost - 2012

Our Favorite Scene

The video explaining the end of the world.

Most Notable Quirk

Wants to go down with the ship.

“Robert Neville” – I Am Legend

Robert Neville may be the last man on earth thanks to his immunity to a man-made virus that was intended to cure cancer. Now living as a loner survivor in post-apocalypse New York City, he spends his time tending to his parking lot grown corn and scavenging for supplies. His survival struggles aren’t just living without modern conveniences but also avoiding zombies and severe loneliness.

Robert Foster - I Am Legend

Our Favorite Scene

Catching a zombie

Most Notable Quirk

Being a sole survivor is hard, leading sometimes to a complete breakdown of reality.

“Sarah Connor” – Terminator 2

Sarah Connor spent a lifetime getting ready for the big one. With secret armory caches, tactical equipment and keen street skills, she was able survive an a killer robot and still have time left over for chin-ups. Most of us need no introduction to Sarah Connor’s survivalist ways.

Sarah Connor - Terminator 2

Our Favorite Scene

Unveiling the weapons cache.

Most Notable Quirk

She might try to kill you.

Watch the video here

“Bob Lee Swagger” – Shooter

Bob Lee Swagger is a retired USMC Force Recon Gunnery Sergeant / Scout Sniper after an assignment goes horribly wrong. Living in an isolated cabin in the Rockies of Wyoming, Swagger spends his time chopping wood, reading conspiracy books and practicing mile long shots with his high powered rifle. Throughout the movie Swagger demonstrates an ability to survive, even if he has to make his own glucose mixture.

Bob Lee Swagger - Shooter

Our Favorite Scene

The final scene, snipers in the snow.

Most Notable Quirk

Doesn’t like hospitals.

“Calvin” – Blast from the Past

Calvin is a 1950’s survivalist during the height of cold war paranoia. In an effort to prepared for nuclear war Calvin builds an extravagant underground bunker complete with it’s own ecosystem. The bunker includes 35 years worth of food, hydroponics, a fishery, ventilation and power systems, and even a replica of a typical suburban home.

Calvin - Blast From The Past

Our Favorite Scene

Entering the bunker.

Most Notable Quirk

He won’t do the dirty work.

Honorable Mentions:

“Sheldon” – The Big Bang Theory

Dr. Sheldon Cooper, B.S., M.S., M.A., PH.D., Sc.D. This all around genius spends most of his time in the theoretical physics department and driving peers insane with his obsessive-compulsive preferences. Sheldon realizes the importance of a good back-up plan and makes sure to always have a bug out bag and an evacuation plan handy.

Dr. Sheldon Cooper - The Big Bang Theory

Quite possibly the quirkiest survival minded fiction character out there, Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory is an avid proponent of preparedness.

Our Favorite Scene

Always Ready.

Most Notable Quirk

His delusions of grandeur.

“Lewis” – Deliverance

Lewis is an avid adventurer with preparedness always in mind. He may drag you down the wrong river seeking a great canoe trip but he’ll also be prepared to get you out of trouble if need be. And he’s not a bad shot with a bow and arrow either.

Lewis - Deliverance

Our Favorite Scene

The machines will fail.

Most Notable Quirk

He drags you into bad situations.

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9 Responses

  1. Spook45

    What about Kevin Costner in teh postman or the two hot chicks in Night of the Comet? I did like Hawkins from Jericho tho. THat show as too cool and those jackasses canceled it!

  2. unistat76

    Ron Swanson from Parks & Recreation. Has a BOB stashed in the office and buries gold in his backyard. Or does he?

  3. Soggy

    how about Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead?

    • Survivalspot

      Undeniably one of my favorites. If we were add two more to the list is would be Daryl Dixon and Rob Swanson.

  4. Terry Waldele

    What about Charlton Heston in "Omega Man?"

    Or Viggo Mortensen in "The Road?"

    Or Arnold in "Predator?"

    Or Gregory Peck in "On the Beach?"

    Or Kurt Russell in "The Thing."

    • Ckarbon

      I Am Legend is a remake of Omega Man

      Others that are memorable:

      – (Although it seems that the above mentioned survivalist listing has prepared people, some of these were thrown into surviving without a “BOB”.

      Mel Gibson – “Mad Max”

      James Franco – “127 Hours”

      Ice T – “Surviving the Game”

      Cillian Murphy – “28 Days Later”

      Stallone – “Rambo”

      Tom Hanks – “Castaway”

      Baldwin/Hopkins – “The Edge”

      Brooke Shields – “The Blue Lagoon”

      Adrien Brody – “The Pianist”

      Emile Hirsch – “Into the Wild”

      Don Johnson – “A Boy and His Dog”

      “Swiss Family Robinson”


  5. Jack Stryker

    I found a survival show on you tube called Dewhit n Hoyle they have some funny stuff.

  6. bill

    dude really needs to get back on here n update…. 3 words.. the walking dead

    • Survivalspot

      Love the show immensely. But the only person on the show that would even remotely qualify as a 'Survivalist" is maybe Daryl. But even then he was just more of an outdoors men who was thrust into a survival situation.


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