Best Made Axe Co.

When it comes to quality axes, The Best Made Axe Co. is the company to beat. Boasting strong handled axes with precision balanced weight and fine grain steel, any axe from Best Made Axe Co. will serve you well.


  • all axes are made to order.
  • handles are made of Tennessee Hickory and each one is hand-painted, varnished, and polished in downtown Manhattan.
  • the heads are made of fine-grain steel.
  • all axes come securely packed in a hand-made wooden crate

The Axe and Our Inspiration:

Before someone picks up a tool, any tool, why not ask why first? Ask yourself: how am I going to use this tool. We are inundated with tools, every step of the way. Tools are specifically and often ingeniously marketed to appear as though they will make your life better. The notion of “mastering a tool” is a bit of fallacy: master your desire, and then the perfect tool will present itself.

Our inspiration comes from all walks of life, big and small, high and low, animal, object or human. There’s no point in segregating inspiration, best to mix it all up until it feels just right. Influences—like experience—should be diverse and evocative to the inspiree, and there’s no point ever worrying what other people will make of it because more often than not it won’t make sense to them. Besides, it’s the end result of those influences and inspiration that count.

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5 Responses

  1. Josh Turner

    Wow, this really looks like a great product. Would certainly increase my manliness :) While I'd love to have an axe of this quality, I don't know that I'd use it enough to justify the over $200 price tag.

    • Survivalspot

      True the price tag is a deterrent. But I would definitely pay for a quality axe, since it's such a crucial self reliance tool.

  2. Tim AumAn

    They are not 'made' to order, the handles are 'painted' to order. All teh guy does is buy a standard axe from Snow & Nealley ( that retails for @ $60-$70 and paints the handle. marketing is everything.

    • Mike

      Its true, they are Snow and Nealley axes. I was almost going to get one but there are much better alternatives out there. Some alternatives are Council tool axes…made in USA. And there are Gransfors and Bruks axes which are hand forged in Sweden. Check out will be opening soon.

  3. Some Random Dude

    The price of one of these hipster pose-toys would pay for several hundred pounds of rice and dried beans that might actually have something to do with survival.

    On the bright side, silly idiots are more likely to cripple or kill themselves with an overpriced axe than with a big pile of rice and beans, so I guess they might have something to contribute to the survival of useful people.


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