Nuclear Fallout Survival Gear

Updated 8/14/17

As tensions continue to rise between the United States and North Korea over their nuclear weapons testing I thought now would be a great time to remind everyone about the importance of being prepared for nuclear fallout. Although most average middle class Americans can’t afford to go out and buy the best chemical protection suit with built in respirator there are some reasonable, cheap alternatives we can use to protect ourselves.

Keep in mind that if a nuclear disaster were to occur most of the protective gear would be bought out in a matter of minutes so it’s important to prepare yourself now so that it’s ready when you need it.  I remember when the earthquake hit Fukushima back in 2011 we sold out our supply of anti-radiation tablets in under an hour, prompting me to write an entire article about alternatives to potassium iodide.

Here is a list of some excellent survival gear that would be extremely helpful in a nuclear fallout situation.

Zytron 400 Totally Encapsulating Chemical Protection Suit



In a perfect world we would have plenty of warning time and ample opportunity to seek out shelter before nuclear fallout made it to our region.  Like the characters in the CBS show “Jericho” we’d have underground bomb shelters on our farms or the city hall would have a shelter large enough to house the entire town.  We would be able to stay put until the nuclear threat had passed.

In reality though, chances are we would have no idea what was headed our way until it was already upon us.  This is where chemical suits and respirators come into play.  You may find yourself in a situation where you are forced to go outside for one reason or another.  Maybe someone you know needs to be rescued or maybe you’re worried about a loved one and want to go check on them before the fallout threat has completely passed.

This chemical suit from Zytron is a tough product with excellent physical properties and it’s a bargain by comparison.

Israeli & NATO Military Gas Mask Respirator Made in 2017


Having the fully encapsulated chemical suit on hand is a huge accomplishment, however it’s only one part of the solution.  If you really want to fully protect yourself from nuclear fallout you will need to have a respirator as well.

There are many different types on the market to choose from and most of them boast qualities that aren’t 100% accurate.  This is the latest and greatest chemical respirator from Diskin and it’s clear these guys take their products seriously.  With all the latest technology in chemical protection, this is the one that the professionals use.

The SGE 400 gas mask respirator has been designed to meet Israeli & NATO military and civil defense requirements.

iOSAT Potassium Iodide Tablets

Anti-Radiation Tablets

There may come a time when you find yourself in a situation that nuclear fallout can’t be avoided.  Maybe you are outside camping when the bomb hits and you can’t find shelter fast enough to take cover. These anti-radiation tablets work by filling your thyroid with healthy iodine so that toxic, cancer-causing radiation won’t be able to enter the body.

Careshine Smart Geiger Radiation Counter nuclear Gamma, X-ray Detector for iOS Android

geiger-counter-appWhile there are plenty of old school Geiger counters still on the market for purchase, most of them are old and clunky and just don’t seem practical in a real world scenario.  Beyond that, they can tend to be extremely expensive, making it impossible for the average Joe to even own one.  This awesome new app from Careshine is only $36 and comes with a handy radiation monitor that you plug right into your AUX port on your phone.  This is a great alternative to the traditional Geiger counters only much more convenient and cost-effective.


U.S. Army Multiservice Tactics, Techniques, And Procedures For Nuclear, Biological, And Chemical (NBC) Protection: Field Manual Guide Book on CD-ROM
Army Nuclear Fallout Manual Software

This book is a great resource for help with planning for and learning how to survive a nuclear attack.  Print it out and keep it readily available, it will become your lifeline should a serious disaster scenario occur.

The Big Picture – Individual Protection Against Atomic Attack
Individual protection against an atomic attack

Don’t have time to read?  Check out this great video which is loaded with helpful tips.

Plastic Sheeting
Roll of Plastic Sheeting

For those who may not have a bomb shelter or basement for sheltering in place, the next best option will be to secure your home as best as possible.  Since radiation can leak through windows and doors, cracks, etc.  it’s a great idea to have plenty of heavy duty plastic sheeting and duct tape on hand so that you can secure your home as best as possible.  The goal is to make your residence as air-tight as possible.

Duct Tape

How To Get Radiation Out of Your Drinking Water

Could Nuclear Fallout from Japan Reach U.S.?

Geiger Counters

Potassium Iodide Tablets

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  1. mizerman

    I agree that tools are very very important. I love this post. Don't forget though that no matter what tools you have don't forget other essentials such as food and water. Mostly water with a portable filter so you can purify what water source is available if its not too contaminated.

  2. Peter

    Those military NBC suits provide no defense against the radiation in fallout, and their porous fabric, pockets, and many folds, seams, and crevices will hold onto radioactive particles from the environment, necessitating the removal and disposal of the garment after just one use in contaminated conditions. The primary value of most military NBC suits is the inclusion of activated charcoal in the fabric, which will help to protect the user against chemical contamination.

    If it's absolutely necessary to operate in an area contaminated with fallout, it's better to use non-porous outerwear such as a coated Tyvek coverall or a plastic isolation suit with rubber boots and gloves. It's also crucial to wear a filtered respirator (such as a gas mask) and a complete head covering, such as the integral head covers in some isolation suits or the hood provided with the respirator. After exposure, these suits can be washed to remove most of the contamination, but suits and respirators (or at least the respirator filters) must still be stored away from living areas unless shown to be free of radioactive contamination. Such suits are also cheaper, so it may be practical to dispose of the suit after each use.

    • PJ

      Where is the best place to buy the suits respirator that isn’t costly but works?

      • Survival Spot

        Honestly all of the suits that are designed for nuclear protection and include a respirator are going to be pricey. Bottom line is you get what you pay for. But there are some very inexpensive alternatives that could offer some level of protection. Here is an example of a protective coverall set that only costs $6:

  3. mike

    i am focusing on the tools to help obtain all my nessesities each day. from a shovel, to a firearm.

  4. jaime


    I AM GETTING TIRED of the bad news, and of being bombarded daily by it!

     The US isn’t the same country it used to be! I love it BUT I also want to be and feel safe
     Aren´t things now getting quite dangerous in many ways for us?
     Inside our own country: Fear of terrorists attacks and rising crime is now becoming frightening…
     The relation that the US has with some countries is becoming very hostile and is fast becoming Very Dangerous.
     Think about North Korea, Iran , ISIS, ETA, AL Qaeda and others…
     This is Adding An Enormous Amount Of Stress To An Already Stressful Life and this is not healthy for us.


     We think to ourselves ‘we’ve got to treat ourselves better. We deserve to live in a quiet place, less anxious and experience a normal life.’
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  5. Kyle Grey

    Yeah, this is for sure a useful list to use in this type of situation.


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